CTN Animation Expo 2015

Wowie, what a busy weekend for Ditto and I. Obviously there wasn't much film making done, BUT there was a LOT of learning about the process.

If you follow us on our social networking avenues, I'm sure you followed Ditto's journey over the weekend, but for those who didn't, here's what she got up to:

I had the privilege to meet and talk with Sergio Pablos, and to attend one of his talks too. He is such an inspiring man, and I loooove what they are doing with Klaus. I got many-a-tips from his talk.

Did any of you attend CTN? If so, leave us a comment below telling us your best bit!

Ooo and a little bonus for you, here is a board of all the business cards of people I met or went to their booth over the weekend :) Enjoy!

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