Crew Intro Thursday

Welcome back! It's that time again, crew intro Thursdays! This time we are going to be meeting Jennifer Pham!

1.Who me?


2. What do?

Day job - I do architectural visualization as a 3D artist at a small company. Cat & Moth - I'm a Texture and Look dev Lead and Artist on C&M

3. What do I do in my spare time?

  • Other than working on C&M and catching up on sleep, I usually read comics, watch cartoons, (with an occasional movie), and play table-top games.

4. A Motto you live by?

  • Life's greatest joke is "a plan".

5. What's my favourite cake?

  • Vietnamese Fruit Tart. It's not a cake, but it's the closest thing to a cake that I like eating in the cake(-ish) category.

6. Why did I decide to work on an independent project?

  • For this particular project, it was BECAUSE DITTO WAS TOO CUTE. But more honestly, I really enjoy working in smaller groups and it makes me feel closer to the project as a whole.

7. What advice would I give to others considering working on side projects in their spare time?

  • Side projects will always take up more of your spare time than you think it will so make sure to think about if you really have the time to do it or if you really want to.

8. What have I learnt from working on Cat & Moth?

  • Working with so many people in different time zones isn't as bad as I thought it would be and using Artella as a server for files is amazing.

9. Ditto or Monty?


Some of Jennifer's work from Cat and Moth

Jennifer's Website

We hope you are enjoying our Crew Introduction series, come back next Thursday to see our next crew member under the spotlight.

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