Pi Day!


I write this whilst listening to the sound of Pi here - it's actually quite relaxing, with the sun beaming through the window as I type.

Before writing this post, I decided to do a little Pi research. I particularly loved this quote from a BBC article:

One interesting aspect of pi is that it is irrational, which means the decimals after 3 go on to infinity with no repeating patterns. "We cannot change it. It's not subject to opinion or taste or time," said Frenkel. "How many things like this in the universe mean the same thing to everyone through time and space?"

It's true, there aren't many things that humans agree on, I am constantly in awe of how mathematics and art entwine each other and it only becomes more and more obvious the older we get. Did you ever say to yourself, "why will I need to know how to use >insert mathematical term here< when I'm older?!" - and I enjoyed Maths at school! Animated film making in particular has so much more mathematics involved than I ever imagined, and I tip my hat to all those that use it and know it so well, I don't know how you fit it all in your brains!

If Scripting, Maths, Art and Creative problem solving couldn't combine, I doubt animated films would be even possible.

Pi Day - The Cat that got the cream...and the Pi

Artwork by our very own Dong Kyu Kim

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