Crew Intro Thursday

March 23, 2018

And we are back! It's the second in our Intro series, and we are going to be meeting Eric!



1.Who me?


I'm Eric Swymer


2. What do?


Day job - I'm a story artist and animator currently co-directing a short film called Pure.


Cat & Moth - I'm plugging away on Cat & Moth as a member of the layout team.



3. What do I do in my spare time?

  • I watch way too many movies. I'm also working on other scripts outside my work on Pure.


4. A Motto you live by?

  • Make cool shit.


5. What's my favourite cake?

  • My mom made an awesome marble cake.


6. Why did I decide to work on an independent project?

  • I've been working on my own for some time and learning layout as I go. and when I heard what India was doing over here on C&M and it sounded like a blast.


7. What advice would I give to others considering working on side projects in their spare time?

  • Commit to it. It will take longer than you expect it too but what you get in return is worth it.


8. What have I learnt from working on Cat & Moth?

  • I had been doing layout that was very action heavy and had a lot of camera stuff going on before jumping on C&M. It was a lot of fun to step back a bit and simplify everything and refocus.


9. Ditto or Monty?

  • Ditto is pretty adorable.


Here are a couple of screenshots of Eric's work from Cat and Moth




Eric's Company Keed

Eric's Project Pure

Eric's Instagram

Eric's Twitter


We hope you enjoyed our second Crew Intro, come back next Thursday to see our next crew member under the spotlight. 


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