Crew Intro Thursday

Welcome back! It's that time again, crew intro Thursdays! This time we are going to be meeting Martin!

1.Who me?

My name's Martin L'Anton, 27 y-o duchebag from France

2. What do?

Rigging lead on C&M, Rigger in games/vfx/animation outside.

3. What do I do in my spare time?

  • My spare time is shared mainly between climbing/bouldering and drawing, reading, video games and movies (including a lot of old movies)

4. A Motto you live by?

  • Don't Worry, be happy.

5. What's my favourite cake?

  • Strawberry pie

6. Why did I decide to work on an independent project?

  • Because I just love my work and working on personal project at home, and this one looked really nice

7. What advice would I give to others considering working on side projects in their spare time?

  • Manage your time, break the work in the smaller chunks possible. it helps against procrastination and it helps to schedule.

8. What have I learnt from working on Cat & Moth?

  • How to use Slack and Trello

9. Ditto or Monty?

  • Ditto

Some of Martin's work in progress from Cat and Moth

We hope you are enjoying our Crew Introduction series, come back next Thursday to see our next crew member under the spotlight.

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