Crew Intro Thursday

Welcome back! It's that time again, crew intro Thursdays! This time we are going to be meeting Alyssa!

1.Who me?

Alyssa Hamlet

2. What do?

Day job - Production Coordinator at Frame Machine. Continuing to pursue a career as a Modeling Artist. Cat & Moth - Environment Modeling

3. What do I do in my spare time?

  • Restoring my 67 Impala

4. A Motto you live by?

  • Just Keep Swimming

5. What's my favourite cake?

  • Death by Chocolate

6. Why did I decide to work on an independent project?

  • I decided to work on independent projects after being inspired by the short animated films at SIGGRAPH in 2014. There were so many wonderful films that were created by artists from all over the world. Afterwards I did some research on some of the films to see which studios were responsible for their creation only to discover that most were independently made. Back then I had did not fully understand how the animation industry worked and was saddened to discover that a lot of ideas never get to see the light of day. By working on independent projects more stories get to have their day in the sun!

7. What advice would I give to others considering working on side projects in their spare time?

  • Seeing the final piece finished and watching a wonderful story play out in front of you knowing that you contributed to its creation is worth every hardship that may come with dedicating your time and energy.

8. What have I learnt from working on Cat & Moth?

  • Don't mess with moths...

9. Ditto or Monty?

  • Ditto!!!

Some of Alyssa's work from Cat and Moth

Alyssa's Website

We hope you are enjoying our Crew Introduction series, come back next Thursday to see our next crew member under the spotlight.

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