Crew Intro Thursday

Welcome back! It's that time again, crew intro Thursdays! This time we are going to be meeting David Turner!

1.Who me?

David Turner - I'm an awe inspired dreamer.

2. What do?

  • Off C&M - Currently using what passion & skills I have to bring animated worlds to life on a number of projects featured on Artella. I spend as much time as I can with friends and family when I'm not doodling on a screen.

  • On C&M - I'm a generalist 2D effects animator, helping to bring a bit of magic to Ditto & Monty's rivalry.

3. What do I do in my spare time?

  • I let my unquenchable curiosity lead me where it may..

4. A Motto you live by?

  • Finished Not Perfect. I can be incredibly self critical and stand in my own way.. This motto has absolutely changed the world for me.

5. What's my favourite cake?

  • Cheesecake! I'm more of a pie kind of guy. In which case, all of it.

6. Why did I decide to work on an independent project?

  • I'm fascinated by what people can create when coming together, each offering their own unique skills and perspectives.

  • I'm on a journey.. and for every stepping stone, I become fascinated with its shape.

7. What advice would I give to others considering working on side projects in their spare time?

  • First, ask yourself why you want to... Then decide if its worth seeing through, because your going to be challenged and face obstacles.

8. What have I learnt from working on Cat & Moth?

  • Nothing, really... Just doing me how I do. I plan to be a bum so that one day I just might become someone.

9. Ditto or Monty?

  • Monty! :D

A sneak peek into David's work from Cat and Moth

David's Artella Portfolio

David's Youtube Channel

We hope you are enjoying our Crew Introduction series, come back next Thursday to see our next crew member under the spotlight.

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