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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Cat and Moth crew! Ditto, is having trouble working out how to get her costume off now...

100 Likes on Facebook!

Woohoo! We just hit 100 likes on our newly launched Facebook page, that's a lot of people that are going to be following these wafflings! Thank you to everyone that has liked us so far *exciiiited* Ditto is also very excited about the news too.. Also, in honour of this, let me share with you the other ways you can follow our progress. Obviously, No. 1 is this production blog. This place will be the main source of production goodies, and goings on. Next up we have our new Facebook page, with 100 likes, (did I mention that already?). The page will be used for images, sneeky peeks, and notifications on to check out this blog. We are also on twitter and instagram under the same handle @catan

Post it

Post it's have been integral to the pre-production side of this film, and I doubt they will disappear through production either. I have a room absolutely covered in post it's which lays out the story, and a very organised, if I do say so myself, archive of ideas that have been discarded...for now.

The big screen...

Ditto has managed to leave the sofa for two seconds to watch herself getting edited on the big screen.... Today, my lovely other half went out and bought us both a second monitor to make our animation making lives a little easier, and now I can actually see what I'm doing.

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