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Ditto is in need of a good brushing

We have been developing the look of this film for a while, going back and fourth with things we like, references, tests, etc etc. We've also spent a lot of time researching into the direction we want to take the fur on Ditto. I have always drawn her very geometric, which in turn makes this a little complex to design in terms of fur direction, as you don't wanting it feeling like it's all going around in the same direction, it ends up feeling like her face is getting sucked into some kind of vortex. So I thought would be cool to share some of the references I have been looking at and some of the early tests we have done with Ditto, and it would be awesome to let us know what you think in the

Merry Christmas!!

YAY!! One more sleep until Christmas!! We had our last story meeting (until 2016) on Tuesday. The story is fleshing out nicely, and can't wait to reveal a whole lot more in the new year. Colour me in..... If you do colour in our Christmas card, we would love for you to send them in to and we'll feature them on the site! Instead of printing cards this year I donated the money to Ashbourne Animal Welfare who looked after my little Leia when she was ill, and the money will go towards the lovely little cats and dogs waiting to be re-homed :) We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year, and we hope you continue to follow our progress in 2016. Lots of Love

Having a facial...

Amar suggested I do some paint overs of Ditto's face onto some of the old renders, to get an idea of what Ditto MIGHT look like with facial features. She has since had a bit of a re-model, because her features get a little lost on this extremely large face. So yeah, do you think this is what Amar meant? Probably not that... he are some more "serious" attempts: I think the first and the second one are feeling closest, I'm not keen on the front on version one at all. What do you guys thinks?

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