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I've been wanting to start the colour script for a while now, and now I finally can! YAY! With the beats laid out for each sequence in more detail than ever before, it means I can pick pivotal moments for colour change. Firstly, I experimented with some watercolours, I'm not entirely sure this is the direction I want to go, by I do really love the feeling of them, but maybe they are a little to light, and not enough contrast? Then I just did a mini straight ahead version of all the beats, looking at the boards and painting patches of colour to try and visualise how the colours could sit together. I think the 2D sequence was most successful. CG colours - tooo much yellow 2D colours:

Hello from the UK!

Well hello there... We have now officially relocated back to the UK and today is our first proper catch up since the move. Everything is coming along nicely. Yay! This small hill* into production feels like forever, but I know it'll pay off in the long run. It's best to spend a lot of time up front, than spend time questioning things in the software later down the line. My aim for the next week will be to publish some colour tests, and as always we are constantly working on the animatic, to get it exactly where we want it. Can't wait to have more to show. I'm currently working on this and my personal portfolio, with no job, so it means things should start to snowball a little more! We are st

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