The film was born in 2009 from a few little doodles inspired by the Director's two childhood furry feline friends. "A relationship with a pet is an inexplicable thing. I’m constantly inspired and bemused by what goes on in those furry little heads."

Cat and Moth is a battle over the most comfortable spot in the universe. It’s set in a doll-house-like, handmade inspired CG set, along with 2D sequences and 2dfx to bridge the two worlds.

“When Leia wasn’t a fully grown fat black cat, as she muchly became, I used to be able to hold her up, in the palm of my hand, to the lamp hanging from the ceiling at the end of my bed and she would munch the circling moths out of the air like Homer Simpson eating crisps in zero gravity."

Director - India Barnardo

India Barnardo grew up in a small countryside town with her two cats. She has always had a passion for writing and directing and with that brings us Cat and Moth as her directorial debut. With India’s past experience in the animation industry it has given her the knowledge and skills to build an extraordinary 90+ crew from around the world to bring Cat and Moth to life!

Creative CG Supervisor - Amar Chundavadra
Amar has worked as a Senior Character Technical Director for 12+ years at feature animation and VFX studios based in the UK and USA such as Laika, Framestore, Method Studios, MOC and Cinesite. As creative CG Supervisor Amar has been working shoulder to shoulder with India and the Cat and Moth team, addressing a medley of creative and technical substratum along the way.

Producer - Emily Shinyi Hsu
Emily Shinyi Hsu has worked in production on animated features, shorts, and cinematics for the last 10 years. A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, she holds dual degrees in Film & Media Studies as well as Business Administration from the Haas School of Business. Throughout her career, she has supported artists, creatives, and executives in various roles at companies including Pixar Animation Studios, LAIKA, PDI/DreamWorks Animation, Blizzard Entertainment and Netflix. Outside of her career, she enjoys being an environmental steward and advocate for the ocean and spending time with her husband and two furry babies: Ollie, the dog and Mushu, the cat.